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In the old days, time was cheap and materials were expensive; things were often well made and exquisitely decorated. Times have changed and now highly decorated items are now either mass produced or seriously expensive but you can still hand make quality goods at a realistic price, and that is what I do.

Everything I make and sell has the same values; it must look right both in detail and in style, it must feel right when you pick it up and hold it and it must work well when you use it; I only sell items I am prepared to own and use myself.

Tod's Stuff is handmade, so every piece is unique; you will never see another piece quite like it – ever.

I hold a stock of ready made pieces so if you are interested in a particular type of object please contact me and I can send pictures over of available pieces. Alternatively, I also undertake commissions. Use these pages as a reference of the sort of work I produce as both stock and commissions.

Current waiting time for sword scabbards: around 4-8 weeks.