Bronze Cast Miscellany

The casting process lends itself to making all sorts of items and so was used extensively across many object types so here you will find a range cast items produced by Tod's Foundry.

If you would like a custom piece making, please contact me.

img - 16thC rowel spurs
16thC. Rowel Spurs
£290.00 per pair

Img - bronze pricket candlestick
Folding Pricket Candlestick: 14thC.
250mm folded, 220mm high when set up. Copied from one in The Museum of London.
The central pricket is for larger candles, the ring is for smaller ones with shaved ends and the fork is for wax tapers.
£50.00 each

Img - Bronze folding candlestick img - limoges candlestick img - limoges candlestick short
Folding Bronze Candlestick: 1350-1550
110mm folded
17-23mm diameter candle
£40.00 each
Tall Limoges Candlestick
Circa 1200-1300
26cm tall
Short Limoges Candlestick
Circa 1200-1300
20cm tall

Img - Bronze thimble No. 1 Img - Bronze thimble No. 2 Img - Bronze thimble No. 3 - Beehive
Thimble No. 1: 1200-1700
Bronze open ended thimbles
Small end 14mm, big end 17mm
Cast from an original piece - £7.00
Thimble No. 2: 1100-1700
Beehive thimble
Cast from original - £10.00
Thimble No. 3: 1100-1700
Beehive thimble
Cast from original - £10.00

Img - Bronze spoon Folding Bronze Spoon - img Img - two tine bronze fork
Bronze Spoon
Solid bronze spoon based on 15thC designs
Folding Bronze Spoon
Based on 15thC. design
Bronze Two Tine Fork

Img - Bronze penn needle case img - mirror
Pen: 1150-1450
Copied from pictures of originals
113mm long
Needle Case: 13th-16thC.
Based on many examples
68mm internal
Mirror Case: 13th - 15thC.
35mm diameter, based on MOL piece.

img - bronze salt cellar
Bronze Boar:
Can be used as a helmet crest or paper weight
£55.00 - £60.00
Bronze Salt Cellar
75mm high
German Linstock Head
Weight 800g
136 x 59
Copied from original
hammer and modified