Bronze Mace Heads

Cast bronze mace heads.

Please note - theses are heads only. For complete maces with ash hafts, please visit the English Cutler - Maces and Mauls page.

Img - Early medieval mace head No. 1
Kiripichnikov Type V
Geographic spread: Rus Viking, Eastern Europe.
Weight 90g/3oz, 42mm across, shaft dia. 22mm
Based on a southern Russian find.
Price: £40.00
Kiripichnikov Type I
Geographic spread: Rus Viking, Balkans, Caucasus,
(9th-12th) Western Europe 13thC onward.
Weight 175g/6oz, 56mm across, shaft dia. 28mm.
Based on Southern Russian find.
Price: £55.00

Img - Early medieval mace head No. 2 Img - Early medieval mace head No. 3
Medieval Knobbed Mace 1
Geographic spread: Southern Russia and Bohemia
Weight 290g/10oz, 56mm across, shaft dia. 25mm
Based on pictures of an original.
Price: £55.00
Medieval Knobbed Mace 2
Geographic spread: Western Europe.
Weight 365g/13oz, 60mm across, shaft dia. 25mm
Based on a piece from the British Museum.
Price: £55.00

Img - Northern European mace head
Northern European Grotesque Mace
Geographic spread: Scandinavia.
Weight 390g/14oz, 63mm across, shaft dia. 28mm
Copied from original in Bergen Museum.
Price: £55.00
Kiripichnikov Type IV (early type)
Geographic spread: Rus Viking, Byzantine and
Scandinavian spheres of influence.
9th-12thC (manufactured during these dates
but still in use at Wisby in 14thC).
Weight 238g/8.5oz, 64mm across, shaft dia. 25mm
Based on Southern Russian finds.
Price: £55.00

Kiripichnikov type IV (later type)
Geographic spread: Byzantine, Norman,
Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, UK.
Weight 217g/7.5oz, 81mm across, shaft dia. 28mm
Based on Southern Russian and UK finds.
Price: £60.00