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For wholesale information, please contact Tod using the form above.

Sale of dangerous articles

The items I sell are intended to be as close to the original artefacts as possible meaning that many will be dangerous to either user or bystander if used incorrectly or even if used correctly. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to use the items safely and to make sure they do not contravene local laws.

Age restrictions

All items of a dangerous nature supplied by Tods Workshops Ltd will only be supplied to persons over the age of 18.

Quality and after sales service

I make items of a high quality, both in the materials and the workmanship, but they are items made largely in a period way to period standards.

What I mean and by way of example is that a sharp knife will cut a leather scabbard if you squeeze the scabbard as you draw the knife. A modern manufacturer may get round this by clever scabbard design or resin impregnation of the leather or metal rivets at key points or all manner of other methods that are not open to me. If you squeeze the scabbard and it (or you) gets cut as you draw the knife there is nothing wrong with the scabbard; there is something wrong with the way you draw the knife.

If you leave a wooden bowl face down on damp grass in full sun and it splits there is nothing wrong with the bowl, there is an issue with the care you have given it.

The items I sell are ‘real’ items and so will have many of the ‘problems’ that modern manufacture has got rid of and this means you have to look after them and there is a responsibility on you to upkeep this side of the sales agreement.

On the other hand I have a reputation for quality and service I like to upkeep and if there is a genuine issue with any item I sell I will strive to set it right. That is my side of the sales agreement.

If you have any specific questions please use the form above to contact me.

Modifications to English Cutler or Tods Foundry items

English Cutler and Tods Foundry items are sold at a great price for the work involved, as they are a standard item. If you require deviation from the standard product offered by English Cutler then contact Tod for a Tod's Stuff commission. Modification to English Cutler or Tods Foundry products is not a service I offer.


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Add an item to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
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Transactions to Tods Workshop Ltd will be shown as "TODSWORKSHO" on your credit/debit card statment.

If you prefer not to pay online, we have the following payment methods:

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.
If you require a VAT invoice, please state this when paying, and Tod will send one separately.


Standard shipping is by Royal Mail. Other reputable couriers may also be used.

Postage charges are APPROXIMATE and calculated on the value of the sale and weight of the package. For the UK they are estimated as follows:

Paypal UK does not support international, pre-calculated postage charges, so if you are an international purchaser I will contact you separately asking for a postage supplement.
From experience, charges for international deliveries are usually a minumum of £15 up to about £28 for heavier items to the US etc. (total not additional) but I will contact you separately to let you know the additional cost.

We can only send packages up to 2kg by Royal Mail Internationally. Heavier than that and it has to go by courier.

The above table is a guideline. Certain large or very expensive items supplied by Tod's Stuff may cost more to ship but you will be advised if this is the case.

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Tods Workshops Ltd
Company number: 7150362
VAT number: 985 3168 80
Registered address: Willow Bank, 55 Rack End, Standlake, Witney, Oxon, OX29 7SA


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