Tod's Stuff - Swords

img - sword hilt img - sword hilt

I make both sharp and blunt swords and usually supply them with a scabbard and belt. I also make scabbards on their own for customers existing swords.

When I make sharp swords I strive to make a real, living weapon and so I ensure that as well as the quality of finish and materials you would expect I make a sword that handles and balances well and really feels part of you. As part of this I will pay attention to the blade geometry and percussion point as well as overall balance. I don’t make iron bars.

I occasionally have swords in stock, but generally make to order.

  • img - complex hilt - linkComplex Hilted Swords
  • img - katz hilt - linkKatzbalger Sword
  • img - cinquedea sword hilt  - linkCinquedea Swords
  • img - gladius sword hilt - linkGladius
  • img - single-hadned sword hilt - linkSingle-handed Swords
  • img - hand and a hlf sword hiltHand and a Half Swords
  • img - messer sword hilt - linkMessers
  • img - baselard sword hilt - linkBaselards
  • img - viking saxon hilt  - linkViking/Saxon Swords
  • img - falchion hilt  - linkFalchions

Tod's Stuff makes fine custom swords, but if you would like a production sword you can do no better than an Albion Sword.