Tod's Stuff - Crossbows

I make a range from standardised ‘battlefield’ bows for reenactors through to highly carved hunting bows for collectors and make all the standard spanning devices if required. In all cases these bows are real, functional and authentic and measured to give a known draw weight.

I usually carry a few bows in stock and can send out pictures or if you have a particular bow in mind please contact me to discuss commission work – I love making bows.

  • img14thC. War Bow
  • imgSelf Yew Bow
  • imgBattlefield Bow
  • imgLate 14thC.
    War Bow
  • imgMunition Grade War Bow
  • imgHunting Bow
  • imgBavarian Hunting Bow
  • imgWindlass Bow
  • imgStone Bow
  • imgLatchet Bow
  • imgBalestrino Bow
  • imgSpanning Devices
  • imgBolts/quarrels and quivers

**The crossbows made and supplied by Tods Stuff are made using traditional methods of construction and fabrication where possible, but in all cases are handmade, crafted objects.

Whilst every effort has been made to produce a reliable, safe and long lasting product, it must be accepted that they are inherently dangerous objects and that no responsibility can be assumed by Tods Stuff for accidents or injuries howsoever caused, by use or misuse of the bow.**